Simply Gorgeous by Erin | Weddings F.A.Q
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Weddings F.A.Q.

For bridal beauty we have a 4 person minimum for in state and a 5 person minimum for out of state. Once a bridal party reaches 6 or more people we require a second makeup artist and hair stylist to be hired to make your day go smoothly and to keep you on time. Please note out of state weddings differ in pricing from in state. Our travel fees are a minimum of $40 or .70 cents per mile roundtrip starting from area code 06489 depending on where you have us travel to. If travel exceeds 2 hours one way we may require the client to book a hotel room for our team to stay overnight prior or after your wedding depending upon the time you wish to be ready by.

To book with us we require a 50% deposit and signing of a contract that we send you electronically. We book over a year in advance so securing your date with a deposit is always a strong recommendation. Any payments are non-refundable. We use a state of the art booking system to provide you an exceptional experience with clear communication and personalized proposals and correspondence. From the moment you send your inquiry to us through our website’s contact page you will hear from the Office Coordinator within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from us within this time please call or email us directly (you can find this information on our contact page). Our office coordinator will help you schedule your makeup and hair trials which we recommend doing 1 to 2 months before your wedding date.

Everyone receives airbrush makeup unless requested otherwise. Some things to know about airbrush foundation are:

  1. There are many formulas and brands out there. We proudly use Temptu Silicone Base which after trying many others we found this one to be the most natural looking and mimics the movement of the skin when smiling, eating and laughing. If anyone has a sensitivity to silicone we do offer a water based vegan line as well.
  2. Airbrush foundation’s longevity far surpasses traditional foundation. Once it’s applied correctly you can trust it will last from early morning and well past your reception.
  3. Some of you may have had a bad past experience with airbrush. Don’t let this scare you from trying it with us. Many artists out there may use a different formula from us and what it comes down to is the expertise and application skills of the individual artist.
  4. Natural or dramatic, we can achieve either look with airbrush. Again, it’s all about how it is applied. Skin should look like skin, not a mask.
  5. I hate the way heavy foundation feels and looks, do you? Good, then you’ll love how airbrush feels – it feels weightless.