Simply Gorgeous by Erin | Microblading and Brow Shaping
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Click here to see our recent feature on Microblading featured on Eyewitness News Channel 3.
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Brow Shaping:

We take our brows seriously. Seriously, we do! They set the tone for your entire face. Have you ever noticed while flipping through a magazine that every woman has these amazing arches? That doesn’t happen by chance; that happens by appointment with us!

First appointment with us: $30

We discuss the proper brow shape for your facial structure and eye shape. We go over what your “Brow Goals” are and give you the plan to get them on track for glory. We create your shape and show you how to fill them in properly without looking too overdone. We’re against the “Sharpie Brow” at Simply Gorgeous.

Each sequential appointment is $20


Ahh, yes, Microblading. It’s finally caught on in the United State and we’re proud to be one of the very first in Connecticut to offer this to all you deserving women. Yes, it’s something for beauty but for many of you it’s also for better self-esteem. Some of us over plucked in high school. Some of us have thinning brows or no brow hair due to Thyroid, Alopecia, Chemotherapy or other health related issues. In any event, it’s an amazing service to give you an amazing brow without ever having to worry about them smudging or wiping off. Throw your brow pencil away and save yourself 5 minutes in the morning and have this service done.

*Please understand this is an art, not a science. Be patient with healing time. It’s a very short time of mild healing for results that last typically between 12 to 18 months. Results vary depending on client’s skin and genetic make up.

About Microblading: what is it?

Click here for the full FAQ.

Click here for before and after care.

Investment: $550

This includes your Perfecting Session and after care product. Your Perfecting Session is your touch up that must be done between weeks 4 and 6 after your initial appointment. It’s up to you to make this appointment. If your Perfecting Session is made after 6 weeks additional charges may apply.
Touch ups begin at $150, final price given at appointment. If brows are mostly or fully faded, the full amount of $550 applies.

All retainers placed with SGBE  for any services are non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation Policy:
If you’re 15 minutes late for an appointment or no show or cancel within 3 weeks of your appointment you are responsible for full payment of your service and/or minimum $100 fee.