Is your brow & lash game strong?

(We think it should be!)

Brows and lashes can really make or break a gal. They can either make you feel like a total babe, or totally self-conscious.

Whether you were a chronic over-plucker in your earlier years, have a health condition that may prevent your brows or lashes from growing full, or have naturally thin brows or short lashes, Erin and her team of professional brow and lash artists will transform your brows and lashes so that you’ll go from avoiding your reflection, to not wanting to look away when you pass a mirror.


We offer a range of brow and lash services to help you rock the most perfect, natural brows to accentuate your unique features and light up your confidence!


Imagine having the look of wearing mascara without actually having to wear it. Ditch the smudgy, flaky mascara for a lash lift and tint! Feel confident with the effortless look of long & curly, dark & dreamy lashes you’ve always wanted without the daily upkeep.

P.S. We highly recommend this service for brides a couple weeks leading up to your honeymoon!

Lash Lift + Tint


Process and Pricing Info

Lash Lifts • $67

Using an ophthalmic-safe solution, we place a soft, flexible rod to curl your lashes around and then apply the curling solution to give you the perfect lashes that look longer, fuller, and oh so flirty. Results last 8–10 weeks.

Lash Tints • $30

Using a vegetable dye, we darken your lashes to make your eyes really POP! Results last 4–6 weeks.

Lash Lift & Tint Combo • $90

The lash lift + tint is the ultimate combo to make you look and feel your best. You’ll wake up every day looking more awake, refreshed, and sexy! We love this combo for an everyday look, but especially recommend this service for our brides. Leave the makeup behind when for your honeymoon!


Avoid the DIY eyebrow plucking or waxing disasters—keep those babies in check by having them shaped professionally! We’ll keep your brows looking freshly groomed by tweezing, trimming, and waxing to maintain your perfect shape. We’ll even take the time to show you how to fill them in properly with a complimentary shade from our brow pencils. You’ll leave feeling like a new woman!

Brow Shaping


Process and Pricing Info

First Appointment • $30

Let’s get down to (brow) business. We’ll begin your first appointment by mapping out, measuring, and discussing your brow goals to make sure we achieve your desired look.

Follow-Up Appointments • $20

We recommend scheduling follow-up appointments every 2–4 weeks depending how quickly your brows grow.
You can also have your brows tinted for longer-lasting color for $30.

" My lashes were curled and shiny black. It looked like I was wearing mascara!"

"I was one of Erin's brides. I had decent lashes but I wanted them to look good for my honeymoon and not have to worry about wearing mascara while on the beach. I had the lash lift and tint and the results were awesome. My lashes were curled and shiny black. It looked like I was wearing mascara! The best part was they lasted for about 2 months. I love having this service done year round now."

- Meagan R.

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