90 Minutes to Level Up Your Bridal Business

HOW COULD I LEAVE MY LEGAL CAREER THAT PAID MY MORTGAGE FOR THE UNKNOWN?  I felt stuck. I knew I wanted to make the bridal beauty industry my full time career but wasn’t sure how. I lost so many nights of sleep and burnt the candle at both ends (and the middle).

 When you have someone who’s walked the walk and has grown each year over the last decade supporting and teaching you, your chances of success skyrocket. 

Well, I figured it out. It was on my own that I figured it out but I wished I had a mentor to guide me and answer my questions and even give me support when I was filled with fear and doubt. I don’t want that for you. I want more for YOU!

I’m passionate (maybe obsessed) with helping women realize their full potential and power. To do what you love and feel fulfilled is a gift and one that everyone deserves. 

Do you feel ready to level up? 

Is it time to make this your best year in business yet?
Is it time to make a 3 month plan to say so long to your current job and make this industry your full time career?

Something special coming for bridal beauty professionals

I’ve been where you are. I sat in a job that paid the bills, gave me all the benefits and perks but also sucked my soul dry. 

That’s what happens when you don’t love what you do.

Coaching sessions for the bridal beauty professionals looking to take their business to the next level and for those who want to make this their full time career. 

These sessions are for you if:

1. You’re unsure whether or not to raise your pricing and how to do it but know it’s time!
2. You don’t feel 100% confident in your policies and procedures.
3. You’re ready to hire team members but aren’t sure how or if they’re legally a subcontractor or an employee.
4. You want third a team but aren’t sure what’s fair and competitive compensation.
5. You want to make this a well-paying full time career so you can kiss your other job goodbye.
6. You need someone who can mentor you and cheer you on and that someone must be steps ahead of you and knows how to make things happen. Someone who gets it!

In your 90 minute session I’ll go over any area of your business plan you want help with. We’ll focus on what’s working and what’s not and where you can make adjustments to take it to the next level.

Then let’s get you booked for your 90 minutes session with me and make it happen!
Fill out the form below and I will be in touch to get you booked in.

90 Minutes
To Level Up Your Bridal Business

If your ready to transition your career from soul-sucking and energy-draining
to one filled with purpose and excitement, I can't wait to hear from you

to level up your bridal business

9O Minutes 


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